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The pellet solution enables autonomous stove management and above all, reduces the storage space needed.

Wood-burning stoves are an alternative for those who are strongly attached to the traditional picturesque open fire, with minimal environmental impact and significant economic savings over gas and oil.

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AIR system

The AIR system lets you heat a single environment, thanks to natural convection or forced ventilation

DUCTED system

The DUCTED system can diffuse heat up to 7 meters at maximum efficiency, reducing consumption and emissions

HYDRO combustion process

Through the combustion process you can produce domestic hot water at the same time as heating the home environment

AIR system pellet and wood stoves

AIR system wood or pellet stoves lets you heat a single room, thanks to natural convection or forced ventilation which guarantee the heating needed for a single room of varying size.

AIR system biomass stoves use only natural fuel – wood or pellets – which is ecological and clean for a low environmental impact.

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Ducting System

The ducting system means the pellet stove can be used as a complete heating system.

The flow of hot air can also be brought into spaces far from the stove or on different floors, with the confidence  that you’ll always obtain the same comfort level as in the installation location.

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Hydro System

The Hydro system lets you heat the house while powering your domestic hot water system and radiators via a combustion process.

The hydro system can completely replace a traditional boiler, reducing consumption and costs at the same time as protecting the environment.

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Pellet & Wood Stoves

The stoves we offer are equipped with new technology that enables:

  • Automatic cleaning to ensure perfect maintenance and optimum performance,
  • A convective heating system that eliminates forced ventilation, minimizing noise and ensuring respect for the environment and natural wellbeing which improves people’s lives.

This is done by using a heating system that uses temperature difference to trigger air movement and create stoves with low energy impact, thanks to the continuous recycling of air.

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