Energy Efficiency White Certificates

What they are and how much you save.

White certificates are Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC)

White Certificates establishes economic benefits for those who carry out redevelopment and improvement works involving installation of heat-generating systems powered by renewable biomass sources, with the aim of reducing energy consumption by 9% by 2017.

White certificates, also known as Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC), are marketable securities that attest to the achievement of energy savings in energy end-use through works that boost energy efficiency.

The white certificate system was introduced in Italy by the Ministerial Decree of 20 July 2004 and requires gas and electricity distributers to reach specific quantitative annual targets for primary energy savings.

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Energy Efficiency thanks to the use of biomass (renewable sources) Heating Systems

A white certificate is equivalent to one tonne of oil (TOE), which is the conventional unit of measurement commonly used in energy balance-sheets to express energy sources, taking into account their calorific power. White certificates are issued by the Italian Energy Market Operator (GME).

Electricity and gas distribution companies, which by law must guarantee to save a certain amount of primary energy each year, may choose to fulfil their obligations by purchasing the energy efficiency certificates (EEC) they need from other producers.

The buying and selling of EECs takes place either through bilateral contracts or through the energy efficiency certificates market, organized and managed by the Energy Market Operator.

The contribution (equal to EUR 100 for each tonne of oil saved) for distributors for achieving their obligations is determined each year and financed by a small levy from energy and gas distribution tariffs.

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