Thermal Account 2.0 Eco-subsidies of 65%

With the Thermal Account 2.0, you’re refunded quickly via bank transfer

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With the Thermal account 2.0, from May 31st 2016 you can get a refund of up to 65% by scrapping a boiler, stove or closed fireplace and replacing it with a new energy-efficient one.

Thermal Account 2.0 is not a tax deduction, where the rebate is issued over 10 years. With the Thermal Account, you’re refunded quickly, via bank transfer.

How does the Thermal Account work?

The Thermal Account was created to encourage replacement of heating systems powered by polluting energy sources with low-emission, low-energy consumption systems, leading to a reduction in wastage and a change in our habits.

With the Thermal Account 2.0 you can upgrade buildings to improve their energy performance, reducing consumption costs and quickly recouping part of the expenditure incurred.

Moreover, the Thermal 2.0 account enables the public administration to play an exemplary role as per energy efficiency directives and contributes to creating a “more efficient country”.

Who is entitled to the Bonus? Requirements.

  • Public bodies, including former Public Housing Institutes, cooperatives of inhabitants on the National Register of Housebuilding Cooperatives and their consortia at the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as wholly public heritage organizations and social cooperatives on the respective regional registers.

The Energy Service Manager (GSE) is responsible for the management and delivery of subsidies.

  • Private entities, i.e. individuals, condominiums and holders of business or agrarian income, for whom subsidies are intended only for small-scale works relating to heating systems powered by renewable energy sources and high-efficiency systems.

It’s aimed at private and public entities and holders of business or agrarian income and is distributed by dividing the 900 million euros available annually between the various recipients (200 million euros are earmarked for public administration) until they run out.

How to get a refund?

You can get a one-off refund for payments under 5000 euros made 2-6 months earlier. The total refund varies depending on the area of residence and the model purchased.

To obtain a refund, apply personally or through an energy service company with a valid certificate. There is simplified procedure for works involving the installation of small devices (generators up to 35kw).

This request must be submitted no later than 60 days after the end of the works.

For further technical information you can access the rules on the GSE website.

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