A complete service for your new Heating System

Sale – Design – Installation – Maintenance

IPINO’s extensive catalog of Heating Systems

We offer advisory support to both the end customer and diverse professionals: architects, planners and installers.

Technical and regulatory consultancy represents added value for customers who need to install a biomass-powered heat generator (wood, pellets, chips, bioethanol).

IPINO is organized to provide advisory support to both the end customer and the diverse professionals involved in the design and installation stages: architects, designers and installers.

The services we provide include regulatory assistance during the design and construction phases (fire and safety regulations) and support with financing requests and/or the procedures for obtaining white certificates.

Advice - Sale

We evaluate operational issues: the suitability of the premises identified for installation of the biomass-powered heat generator; definition and installation of components to ensure system safety; and identification of the right type of biomass-powered generator

Design - Installation

Through home visits and comparisons, our advisors are always able to assess the most suitable system for your home. We’ll always explain the solution we propose, and analyze it with you. Alongside the product itself, we aim to provide all our customers with a clear, helpful service.

Assistance - Fuel supply

We deal with product maintenance and related assistance thanks to close collaboration with an external company: TECNOENERGIE. Our products are also covered by a two-year warranty and we handle repair and maintenance ourselves

Some examples of Heating systems that you can find in our showroom

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