Olimpia Splendid Air Conditioning

Olimpia Splendid‘s Unico Smart air conditioner was the best-selling model in 2017. That’s thanks to its dual cold (SF) or cold/hot (HP) functionality, fast installation and power up to 2.7 kW depending on your needs.

Designed for air conditioning larger rooms or attic/loft spaces where it’s cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.


Unico Smart 10SF; Unico Smart 10HP; Unico Smart 12SF; Unico Smart 12HP

Unico Smart Air conditioner SETTINGS

  • Ventilation-only setting;
  • Dehumidifier-only setting;
  • Auto setting: modulates the operating settings according to the ambient temperature;
  • Sleep setting: Gradually increases the set temperature and ensures reduced noise levels for greater night-time wellbeing.


An air conditioner within a heat pump. Thanks to this setting it can be used as a heater and to replace or upgrade traditional heating systems in in-between seasons (HP version only).


A multi-filtration system that combines an electrostatic filter (removes small particles such as smoke, dust, pollen and fur, helping to prevent allergic reactions) with an active carbon filter (eliminates unpleasant odors and neutralizes harmful gases).


The Unico Smart model 12 can release 2.7 kW of cooling power.

The best-selling Unico Smart air conditioner in 2017!

Two power models: 2.3 kw – 2.7 kw;
Available in two versions: SF (Cold only) – HP (Heat Pump);
Double AA class;
Refrigerant gas R410A*;
High or low wall-mounted installation;

Easy installation: Unico installs everything itself in just a few minutes;

Wireless wall control (Optional);
Multifunctional remote control;
24h Timer.
Catlog Olimpia Splendid

Subsidies and Tax Deductions


With Olimpia Splendid air conditioners you can request a 65% deduction for energy upgrading buildings and a 50% deduction for energy savings through building renovations.

Thermal Account 2.0

Public administration and private individuals can take advantage of the direct, permanent thermo account for works to produce thermal energy from renewable sources or increase energy efficiency.

Electricity Tariff D1

People who install an electric heat pump as their only heating system can request the dedicated D1 electricity tariff to save on electricity consumption in their bill.

Innovation, responsibility and respect for the environment are the values which have shaped Italian company Olimpia Splendid‘s history of passion, innovation and growth.

The group, which today has more than 11 registered patents, aims to propose innovative integrated systems to manage the domestic climate, with its usual commitment to developing efficient, innovative and renewable solutions.

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