EdilKamin Wood and Pellet Thermo-Stoves

Cherie UP H Wood Thermo-stoves

Termostufe Cherie UP H Edilkamin

Pellet Thermo-stoves Cherie UP H

The benefits of wood, pellet and multi-fuel boilers.

Thermo-stoves and boilers produce hot water to supply radiators and floor heating panels throughout the whole house.

With special kits, they can produce domestic hot water for bathrooms and kitchens.
Programmable heating management is possible with pellets.
Wood is cheap, naturally available and creates a traditional cosy atmosphere.
A lambda probe positioned on the flue optimizes combustion.
The Leonardo system, for management of automatic pellet combustion.

Technical features

Cast iron and steel hearth
Daily/Weekly Programming
Touch Screen Panel
Built-in hydraulic KIT with closed expansion vessel,
circulator and overpressure valve
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