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Innovative biomass heating systems

Discover the benefits of the latest-generation Heating Systems

Ipino’s biomass heating systems integrate perfectly into the home.

The new biomass heating systems can be connected to existing systems and work in synergy with all other room-heating and cooling systems.

Moreover, wood and pellets are part of the biomass family and, as highly efficient renewable energy sources that produce low CO2 emissions, contribute to the building’s energy efficiency.

We understand how to install a biomass plant. Below, we’ll explain briefly the different heating solutions available.

Forced diffusion heating system

Forced diffusion heating system

Uniform diffusion of heat in all the rooms in the house is one of the essential requirements for an efficient heating system. This ensures adequate comfort levels even in the rooms furthest from the energy source, avoiding wastage and useless heat dispersion.

Ducted air systems use a conduit system to convey warm air to other rooms in the house, taking full advantage of the thermal power produced. The stove or fireplace can thus become, from auxiliary sources, the main source for heating the home interior.

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HYDRO biomass heating system + storage tank and boiler

I Sistemi di Riscaldamento IDRO

The ‘Hydro’ system produces domestic hot water for bathrooms and kitchen and supplies both the radiators and the floor-heating system, spreading the heat throughout the house.

This does not require a new system, but can be connected to the existing plumbing system or installed from scratch.

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Through home visits and comparisons, our advisors are always able to assess the most suitable system for your home. We’ll always explain the solution we propose, and analyze it with you. Alongside the product itself, we aim to provide all our customers with a clear, helpful service.

Book a commitment-free home visit with our advisors. We’ll come to your house to assess the most suitable system and carry out all the necessary calculations, like the thermal requirement.

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If you have a second home or a mountain house, finding an alternative solution for heating and hot water is essential.
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