Heating and Cooling System Booklet

How can I get the Heating Systems Booklets?

Heating and Cooling System Booklet

What is a Heating System Booklet?

So each heating system can be unequivocally identified, regional legislation has introduced REGISTRATION by means of a booklet for each systems.

This is not only for maintenance and inspection purposes, but also to track and analyze existing systems, air quality, and the spread  of renewable energy sources in the region.

Prevention and proper maintenance are key words for 2017, and help ward off unpleasant or serious domestic accidents.

Scheduled Heating System Maintenance

With the installation booklet, correct system maintenance has become compulsory. This ensures safety, higher energy efficiency and therefore savings.

Specifically, maintenance has become compulsory every two years for systems over 15 kw and every year for systems with less power. These must be carried out by authorized individuals, such as  our technicians, who also update the stove’s  firmware to regulate the combustion settings and restore energy output to its original level.

Ipino technicians ensure correct maintenance of Heating Systems in accordance with the law.

Where we are

IPINO is located in Vergiate, in the province of Varese.
We cover the whole lake area: locations around Lakes Maggiore, Como and Lecco. We also provide our services in mountain areas.
If you have a second home or a mountain house, finding an alternative solution for heating and hot water is essential.
IPINO will design a new heating system for your home.

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