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Designer Fireplaces Italian Excellence

Our advisory service involves evaluating with you the best model for heating your house from a choice of AIR, HYDRO and FLUELESS.

A wide range of high-performance wood and pellet Designer, Integrated and Insert Fireplaces from the best Italian manufacturers, available in different sizes and strengths and designed to be inserted into outdated fireplaces or new creations.

IPINO’s range of designer fireplaces heat up the environment by producing hot air (including for ducted systems heating several rooms) or hot water which, when introduced into the plumbing system, supplies radiators as well as the kitchen/bathrooms.

Completing IPINO’s selection are open fireplaces in cast iron or steel with natural or forced air circulation for those who don’t want to sacrifice the comfort and look of a traditional fireplace.

AIR Fireplaces

Closed fireplaces use air to heat rooms quickly and directly, proportionately to the number of rooms.

Hydro Fireplaces

Hydro fireplaces use a multifunctional heating system that uses water as a carrier to conduct heat.

Flueless Fireplaces

These are odorless and don’t emit fine dust or fumes. They don’t require installation, maintenance or a flue.

AIR Designer wood fireplaces

Closed fireplaces use air to heat domestic environments quickly and directly through simple ducting of outlet vents. Distribution is proportionate to the number of rooms heated.

With a preliminary evaluation, we assess whether all the necessary conditions conform to the installation criteria. We always look for the most appropriate solution for your needs and your home.

HYDRO Designer Pellet Fireplaces

Hydro wood fireplaces use a multifunctional heating system that uses water as a carrier to conduct heat. Similarly to conventional boilers, this system lets you heat the entire house uniformly and produce hot running water at the same time.

It can be installed during renovation works or combined with other heating systems.

Our consultants will work with you to try to meet your requirements, proposing different solutions from a wide range of products.

Designer Flueless Pellet Fireplaces

Among the potential solutions, pellet, gas and electric fireplaces combine attention to design and comfort with the pleasure of traditional fireside warmth. They are odorless and don’t emit fine dust, fumes or noxious gases. They don’t require installation, maintenance, or a flue.

Pellet fireplaces often used for decorative purposes. Their attractive design and the variety of shapes and models available means they can be placed in any inside or outside environment.

The best Designer Fireplace brands

We carefully select the best pellet and wood fireplaces and designer biomass fireplaces. These innovative and latest-generation products provide absolute comfort and enable you to make long-term savings.

We provide professional advice both in our showroom and in your home.  We’ll identify a suitable solution based on energy requirements and your needs.

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Some examples of Designer Fireplaces

IPINO's advisors will help you choose a Designer Fireplace that's perfectly suited to your environment