Collaboration with Architects and
Surveyor’s office

Technical and informative support

The demand for heating sources using renewable energy is continually growing

The advantage of choosing IPINO Company is that besides having 40 years’ experience in this field, it supports professionals both in the design phase and in preparing a quote with the end customer.

IPINO‘s interest is in working with architects, surveyers and design studios to find the best solution as the demands for heating and cooling sources powered by renewable energy are ever greater.

We work in partnership with plumbers and installers, providing them with all the technical information necessary to install our systems.

We collaborate with:

Architects in the planning stage

Surveyors studies

Design studies

The professional company in the field of innovative heating systems

Together with other professionals, we at Ipino evaluate and develop customers’ requests, starting from the choice of a simple wood fireplace with an aesthetic purpose rather than stoves, boilers or complex gas or biomass heating systems.

At Ipion Srl, together with professionals, we as a company propose solutions to meet the needs of customers, who often choose products or systems from catalogues.

Innovation in management using applications

Our innovative systems can solve every heating and domestic hot water need.

Our products offer convenience to end customers who can manage them remotely through tablet and cellphone applications, controlling the functionality of their stove, boiler and system from anywhere in the world, managing the temperature and switching them on or off, fully optimizing consumption and thus making immediate and concrete savings.

Where we are

IPINO is located in Vergiate, in the province of Varese.
We cover the whole lake area: locations around Lakes Maggiore, Como and Lecco. We also provide our services in mountain areas.

If you are a surveyor’s office, architects or professionals, choose Ipino Srl as a reliable partner for energy redevelopment or the choice of a heating system: boiler, fireplace, stove or air conditioning.
We have a vast catalog of the best products Made in Italy and around the world.

Contact us for collaboration.

Contact us for Collaboration

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Examples of Heating Systems

With our collaboration in the design phase or energy redevelopment we find the best solution for an end customer.