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The Best Mono-split and Multi-split Air Conditioners

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Air conditioners Mono-split

Mono-split air conditioners are composed of an external machine and a single internal air conditioner. There are various options available: floor, wall-mounted or cassette conditioners.

With our support you can choose the perfect conditioner for you. We’re always happy to explain the various options.

Air conditioners Multi-split

Multi-split air conditioners enable you to cool multiple rooms with a single external motor.

The outdoor unit is extremely compact so it doesn’t take up space on the terrace or in the garden.

Every product in our range of multi-split air conditioners also achieves high efficiency values on a seasonal basis.

The best Olimpia Splendid Mitsubishi Daikin Air Conditioners & Air Conditioners for the air conditioning of your home

We choose the best products for you. Our air conditioners include Olimpia Splendid, Mitsubishi and Daikin brands which can be mono-split or multi-split. You can choose whether to cool or warm up your home.

We provide professional advice and will identify a suitable solution based on your needs.

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