Advice and Assistance Service

Technical and Regulatory Advice

Biomass-powered heat generators

IPINO’s technical and regulatory advice represents added value for customers who need to install a biomass-powered heat generator

IPINO is organized to provide advisory support to both the end customer and the diverse professionals involved in the design and installation stages: architects, designers and installers.

Our Advisory Service includes regulatory assistance during the design and construction phases (fire and safety regulations) and support with financing requests and/or the procedures for obtaining white certificates.

Advisory for clients

Our assessment also evaluates operational issues: suitability of the room, definition and installation of components, and identification of the right type of biomass generator.

Advisory for professional

The myriad opportunities for installing biomass systems and the simplicity of integrating boilers, fireplaces or stoves into existing environments mean we can dialog with architectural firms, designers and installers from the design phase onwards.

Support for white certificates

Ipino’s advisors provide professional support with financing requests and/or the procedures for obtaining white certificates.

We evaluate operational issues

The assessment that our team carries out with the customer includes evaluating operational issues:

  • The suitability (or not) of the premises identified for the installation of the biomass-powered heat generator;
  • Definition and installation of components to ensure system safety;
  • Identification of the most suitable type of biomass generator for the project.

We design a new Heating System

The added value, determined by more than 50 years’ experience in the installation of these heating solutions, is even more appreciable if Ipino technicians are involved from the initial home visit onwards.

In this way, our staff can collaborate with professionals to study the spaces and identify the best solution in terms of thermal efficiency, combining comfort with the customer’s aesthetic and design requirements.

Starting from the design stage, we can create the system that best meets your heating and functionality needs, integrating these with bespoke classic or modern covers.

Post-installation Assistance and Maintenance

Our advice is not limited to simply design. Our advisors actively participate in all phases of the project and, thanks to close collaboration with the external company TECNOENERGIE, we deal with the maintenance of our products and related assistance.

We continue communicating with our customers even after the project is complete.

Our products are also covered by a two-year warranty and we handle repair and maintenance ourselves. Our  assistance team is responsible for fixing appointments as soon as possible, with the specific goal of ensuring full support as fast as we can.

Where we are

IPINO is located in Vergiate, in the province of Varese.
We cover the whole lake area: locations around Lakes Maggiore, Como and Lecco. We also provide our services in mountain areas.
If you have a second home or a mountain house, finding an alternative solution for heating and hot water is essential.
IPINO will design a new heating system for your home.

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Examples of Heating Systems

IPINO's advisors will help you identify a new Heating System.